Top Spin Ride

The giant top spin ride, also known as space travel ride, is a new type of amusement equipment that performs circular motion and automatic around the horizontal axis. While the equipment is swinging along with the boom, the cockpit can rotate 360° to allow passengers to fully experience the thrill of overweight and weightlessness, so top spin amusement ride is loved by young people.

Top Spin Ride For Sale
Top Spin Ride For Sale

Details of top spin fair ride

The components of top spin rides mainly include cabins, stand columns, square tubes, hanging arms, horizontal axis, motor and reducer and PLC control box. Except for the cockpits, these components are all steel plate welded.

As for top spin rides, the cabins are made of fiber glass, which are also equipped with safety belts and safety pressure bar. And the seat is the back-to-back design, with 10 seats in each row, 2 rows in total and can hold 20 persons at once. The part below the cabins and the fence are made of iron and spray paint. You can put your feet in the gap of fence which will not let them stand upside down when the seat rotates 360°.

Note: for safety reasons, the top spin ride has the following requirements: 1. The age must be over 12 years old. 2. Height is not less than 1.4 meters. If the children are too small or too low, the safety pressure bar is not tight and the children are in danger of slipping.

space travel ride
space travel ride

Capacity: 20 people
Size: 10m*7m
Area: Ф15m
Working height: 8m
Speed: 3.7r/min
Powder: 35KW
Voltage: 380V/220V

top spin fair ride
top spin fair ride
Model: KTST-20
Capacity: 20 people
Size: 11.5 m* 1.5 m
Working height: 9 m
Speed: 3.7r/min
Power: 35 KW
Voltage: AC380V, 50Hz

Features of top spin ride for sale

1. This amusement ride can bring passengers the experience of overweight and weightless. It is so exciting that many young people love this amusement item.

2. There are 20 seats can be chosen for customers, and the cockpits can rotate 360 degrees.

3. These top spin rides are equipped with safety pressure bars and safety belts, which are safe and reliable for passengers.

4. In general, this amusement ride takes up less space and allows customers to make full use of the venue to develop new rides to attract a lot of passengers.

Working principle of top spin fairground ride

After turning on the power, the motor drives the rotation support to rotate, so that the boom make the hanging arms 360° swing front and back. At the same time, the cockpit rotates 360° under the effect of gravity and inertia.

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Top Spin Rides For Sale From Kingtiger Company

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giant top spin ride
giant top spin ride

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