Self-control Plane Ride

The self-control plane ride belongs to a type of self-control amusement park equipment, which is composed of mechanical, pneumatic and electrical systems. It is a kind of up-down type amusement equipment that revolves around the center of vertical axis and is free to lift. The plane rotates around the center of the rocket, when sitting in the cockpit, the passengers can freely control the cockpit lift up and down, which is loved by adults and children.

Self-control Plane Ride
Self-control Plane Ride

General speaking, Kingtiger self-control plane amusement rides for sale mainly include these accessories, they are cabins, gun barrel, PC solid sheet, car sticker and other parts. The following is a detailed introduction of these accessories:

Main parts of self-control plane ride

1. The gun barrel is made of three marts, and the main material is fiberglass.

2. No.4 and No. 5 is made of PC solid sheet and car sticker.

3. The material of cabin is fiberglass, each cabin with 2 safety belts. There is up/down button inside cabin, the button can control cabin go up and down. Each cabin with a music box, and each cabin can play with music independently.

Self-control Plane Ride

How does the self-control plane ride work?

For the self-control plane ride, its working principle is very simple. The motor drives the reducer, the gear of the reducer rotary, the reducer gear connect with the slewing bearing, so the slewing bearing rotate, thus realizing the 360 degree rotation of the whole plane.

It is equipped with air compressor, with air cylinder on each arm. Through the cylinder stretching, shrinking, realizing the plane arm going up and down.

Technical parameters for different types of self-control plane rides

Item KTSP-16 KTRB-16 KTSC-16
Capacity 16 16 16
Diameter 9.6m 7.6m 9.6m
Height 6.7m 6.5m 6.8m
Speed 1.9m/s 1.9m/s 1.8m/s
Powder 11KW 11KW 15KW
Voltage AC380V, 50Hz AC380V, 50Hz AC380V, 50Hz

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Features of Kingtiger self-control plane rides

1. For self-control plane rides, there are 6/8/10 arms that can be chosen;

2. The amusement facilities are suitable for indoor and outdoor playgrounds, such as amusement parks, theme parks, squares and other playgrounds.

3. This ride can rotate 360 degrees, going up and down. And the speed can be adjustable.

4. The main materials are glass fiber reinforced plastics and steel materials, so this ride is very environmentally friendly, sturdy and durable.

5. This ride adopts the high-quality oil paintings that are not easily discolored. And it is also equipped with LED lights and music.

6. The self-control plane rides are also safe and reliable for passengers. What’s more, Kingtiger company can customize this ride according to the actual demands of customers.

self control plane rides manufacturer
self control plane rides manufacturer

As the professional manufacturer and supplier, Kingtiger company can provide you with a variety of self-control plane rides for sale. They are 6 arms with 12 seats, 8 arms with 16 seats, 12 arms with 24 seats. And each arm has a seat with 2 cockpits, so parents can play with their children in the same cockpit. In addition to the self-control plane ride, Kingtiger company has also developed and designed other self-controlled products to meet the requirements of the market, such as self-control bee ride and self-control bear ride. Due to the novel design and beautiful appearance, these self-controlled products have become more and more popular in domestic and foreign markets.

self control bee ride
self control bee ride

Besides, Kingtiger company not only provides customers with high-quality products, but also provides various kinds of professional pre-sales and after-sales services. If you are looking for different types of self-control plane rides, please remember to contact us or leave a message below for us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you, and welcome to visit our company at any time!

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