Roller Coasters For Sale

As a kind of popular amusement thrill ride, roller coasters are always loved by young people. Many young people want to try and challenge this amusement ride, because this roller coaster amusement ride not only can bring unlimited challenges and excitement,but also give people a sense of weightlessness. Kingtiger roller coasters for sale can be suitable for these large playgrounds, such as amusement parks, theme parks.

Roller Coasters For Sale
Roller Coasters For Sale

Different types of Kingtiger roller coaster rides for sale

According to the different track lengths and cabins, Kingtiger roller coasters for sale can be divided into three loops, four loops, six loops, seven loops, etc. And these roller coasters with different rings also have different floor areas and carrying capacities.The following is a detailed description of roller coasters with different rings.

Three loops roller coaster ride

Three-ring roller coaster ride consists of the overhead rail, traction system and trains, etc., the overhead rail is mainly composed of one 360° vertical ring and two 360° spiral rings, traction engine gives power to the train, when moves to the highest point of 25 meters, it automatically decoupling slide, with a large angle downthrust, one 360° vertical roll and two times of 360° spiral rolls, when sliding, tourists can feel the height, speed, downthrust, weightlessness and overweight, and also experience heavy centrifugal force.

Three Loops Roller Coaster
Three Loops Roller Coaster

Track Length: 500m
Height: 24m
Capacity: 24 People
Maximum Speed: 75km/h
Ride Time: 100 s/round
Area: 115m×45m
Installed Power: 90kw

Middle 3 Loops Roller Coaster
Middle 3 Loops Roller Coaster

Track Length: 440m
Height: 22.5m
Capacity: 16 People
Maximum Speed: 60Km/h
Ride Time: 90s/round
Area: 82×36m
Installed Power: 80kw

Four loops roller coaster ride

Four-ring roller coaster ride has six cabins,and this ride can accommodate 24 people. Each cabin is equipped with the pneumatic pressure bar and seat belt, which is very safe and reliable for people. For four-ring roller coaster, the track length is 500 meters, the highest point is 24 meters, the maximum operating speed is 75 km/h. Compared to the three-ring roller coaster, the four-ring roller coaster may be more exciting for passengers.

Four Loops Roller Coaster
Four Loops Roller Coaster
Track Length: 680m
Height: 33m
Capacity: 24 People
Maximum Speed: 75km/h
Ride Time: 140 s/round
Area: 145m×46m
Installed Power: 120kw

Seven Loops Suspension Roller Coaster Ride

The seven-ring suspension roller coaster is mainly composed of an overhead track, a traction system, a braking system and a train group. The overhead track includes one 360° vertical ring, one 270° vertical ring, two 360°spiral rings, and three 360° lateral rings.

Seven Loops Suspension-Roller Coaster
Seven Loops Suspension-Roller Coaster

Height: 33m
Capacity: 20 People
Track Length: 780m
Maximum Speed: 85km/h
Ride Time: 140 s/round
Installed Power: 230kw
Area: 140m×80m

The main structure of seven-ring suspension roller coaster

1. Track

The track of roller coaster is welded by seamless steel pipe, national standard steel, and numerical control blanked parts.

Advantages: both seamless steel pipe and GB steel can control the quality of raw materials from the source. The CNC cutting with precise size, perfect workmanship. All parts of the welding are sealed and welded to avoid internal corrosion and increase service life. After the welding, the inspection process is performed to improve the product quality and the overall precision

2. Train:

Material: The body is welded from steel and the shell is made of fiberglass.

Carrying capacity: There are a total of 10 cars, each cars with 2 people.

Safety measures: Each seat consists of a pneumatic pressure bar and a seat belt.

3. Traction system:

The traction machine (chain hoist) gradually lifts the train. The lock spring at the bottom of the carriage catches the chain link of the main chain, and the chain pulls the train car to the highest point.

When the train reaches the highest point, the lock spring is automatically released and the train begins to slip and slide, completing the dive, vertical tumbling, spiral tumbling and circling movements.

Before reaching the platform, the train depends on gravitational potential energy, inertia, and power potential energy to complete the operation cycle.

Note:(1)The chain hoist is equipped with an anti-rollback device to prevent the motor from malfunctioning, which will cause the train to fall back to the platform. (2)After the train reaches the highest point, and there is no other traction system to provide power for the second time before the train arrives at the platform.

4. Braking System:

The braking system of the roller coaster is set on the track of the platform position. When the train’s operating cycle is over, and before it reaches the platform position, the computer precisely controls and starts the hydraulic system or the pneumatic system so as to push the brake plate. When the brake plate comes into contact with the vertical metal wings under the train, the friction generated by them will gradually slow down the train.

Kingtiger Roller Coaster
Kingtiger Roller Coaster Ride

Features of roller coasters for sale

1. This ride is very breathtaking, exciting, popular for the young;

2. With low noise, upgraded System, comfort seat, wonderful experience feeling, Kingtiger roller coaster rides for sale have been favored by customers from different countries.

3. Both track Length and cabins can be customized;

4. The streamline design of the FRP carriages, the whole shaping of the carriages and the seats, and the gel coat on both inner and outer sides, which make it become more beautiful and popular roller coaster.

5. Professional design, production, installation, afer-sales service.

With safety and reliability, good ornamental, strong stimulation, large carrying capacity, high cost performance, Kingtiger roller coasters for sale have become more and more popular in the domestic and foreign markets.

As the professional manufacturer of roller coasters, Kingtiger company has more than 20 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing of large type, middle type and mini type amusement park equipment. So far, these amusement products have passed various of certifications, such as CE, ISO, etc. What’s more, Kingtiger company also has established a long-term friendly relations with many countries, including Russia, France, Nigeria, Thailand, Libya, South Africa, Austria and so on.

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