Pendulum Rides For Sale

The pendulum ride is a new type of amusement thrilling ride. Sometimes, this amusement ride is also called frisbee ride. Passengers sit in a round cockpit and face outward. It is usually secured with a pressure bar seat and equipped with a safety belt as a secondary insurance. When the cockpit rotates, the suspension arm of performs a single pendulum motion under the effect of power supply. At present, Kingtiger pendulum rides for sale have become more and more popular among young people and children.

Pendulum Rides For Sale
Pendulum Rides For Sale

Kingtiger swing pendulum rides for sale mainly include big pendulum ride and mini pendulum ride. The big type pendulum rides can admit 23-30 people, and they are especially suitable for young people. The mini pendulum ride for children can admit 8-12 people. The followings are their detailed introduction:

Big pendulum rides for sale

The big pendulum ride, also known as the Meteor Hammer, is a new large-scale popular amusement equipment in the world. As passengers rotate with the turntable, and at the same time they swing 360 degrees with the swing arm, making passengers feel thrilling and exciting. Besides, this giant pendulum swing ride is also equipped with LED lights and music. When the equipment starts to run, the music will be also played. And people can relax and enjoy their exciting journey by this way.

Kingtiger pendulum amusement rides for sale are composed of main bracket, hanging device, circular cockpit and electrical system. The main part of the cockpit uses the truss structure, the cockpit shell is fiberglass. The cockpit is equipped with the fiberglass seat, the safety lever, safety belt, which ensures the safety of tourists.The main drive of the cockpit adopts the motor to drive the rotary support to realize the 360 degree rotation.

big pendulum ride
big pendulum ride with 23 seats

Capacity: 23 persons
Size: 11*10 m
Height: 10 m
Max swing angle: 85 °
Powder: 22kw
Voltage: 220V/380V

360° pendulum ride for sale
360° pendulum ride for sale with 23 seats
Equipment Height: 19. 6m
Area: 14 x 18 m
Running Height: 23 m
Power: 82 KW
Capacity: 23 people
Running Speed: ≤ 17.8 m/s
Weight: 24t
Voltage: 380V

pendulum ride with 30 seats
big pendulum ride with 30 seats

Capacity: 30 people
Area: 24 x 18 m
Equipment Height: 18m
Running Height: 22 m
Power: 150KW
Max swing angle: 120
Voltage: 380V

Mini pendulum ride for children

As a kind of kiddie rides, the mini pendulum ride is very popular with children. The mini ride also has an arm, a convertible and an axle. And the arm connects the gondola and the axle. When the arms swing, the gondola also rotates. The seats face outward and each seat is equipped with the safety devices. Although the height of the ride is reduced, children can experience the same exciting movement without fear. Besides, the mini pendulum ride has also beautiful LED lights and children’s songs. The children can enjoy a good time with their parents in the amusement park.

Mini Pendulum Ride
Mini Pendulum Ride with 6 seats
Capacity: 6 persons
Area Size: 4*4.5 m
Height: 4.2 m
Running Height: 1.75 m
Power: 9.5 kw
Voltage: 220V/380V
Swing angle(max): 90°

Features of pendulum rides for sale:

  • There are 6-30 seats can be chosen;
  • 45-360°degree swing, cockpit 360 degree rotation;
  • Reliable quality, with safety cylinder;
  • Quite thrilling, attractive LED lights.

How Do Pendulum Rides Work?

1. When the pendulum ride starts,the rotating motor on the suspension arm drives 360 degree rotation of the cockpit turntable.

2. At the same time, the motor on the starting device starts to drive the rotation of the tire, and the electric hydraulic propeller works, raising the height of the tire and the curved steel plate at the bottom of the cockpit turntable, and the friction force drives the turntable to make a pendulum motion.

3. When the set run time is reached, when the cockpit turntable backspin rubs against the tire, the tire rubs against the curved steel plate. Reverse friction slows down the device and eventually reaches a standstill.

Do you have some interest in these various types of pendulum rides?

As an exciting and popular amusement ride, Kingtiger pendulum rides for sale can be suitable for outdoor playground, such as theme parks, amusement parks, carnival activities and other entertainment places. What’s more, the pendulum ride occupy the less space, so it is easy to set up. The prices of pendulum ride are affordable, and they can help investors get a substantial profit in a short time. Therefore, investing in a pendulum swing ride is a good idea for you.

As the leading manufacturer in China, Kingtiger company has more than 20 years of experience in the design and production of amusement park rides. We not only guarantee the quality of products, but also provides first-class services for our customers. In addition, in order to meet the different requirements of customers, our design team can customize the amusement park rides, including themes, colors, sizes, types, etc. Now Kingtiger pendulum rides for sale become more and more popular in domestic and foreign markets.

The above is a brief introduction of pendulum amusement ride. If you want to buy these pendulum rides, please contact us and leave a message blew, and we will provide the detailed product list and price list for you in time. Thanks for your message and welcome to visit Kingtiger company!

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