Paratrooper Ride

As a type of popular fairground ride, the paratrooper ride is always loved by children and adults. And this amusement ride is a kind of playground ride based on a seat suspended below the wheel that rotates at an oblique angle. When the wheel rotates, the seat can freely rock sideways and swing out under centrifugal force. Besides, the paratrooper ride can be also called “umbrella ride” or “parachute ride”.

paratrooper ride for sale
paratrooper ride for sale

Introduction of paratrooper fair ride

Kingtiger paratrooper ride for sale is a kind of large-scale amusement equipment. The amusement ride not only can run fast, but also can rise and fall automatically, so that passengers can feel the ups and downs of their equipment in the rapid rotation. They are flying like a bird in the sky, feeling the excitement of flying in the sky, the whole body is completely relaxed. Under the flashing of the night lights, passengers will have a good time in the park.

For most paratrooper rides, the main materials are FRP and steel frames. General speaking, it is mainly composed of these accessories, including cockpit, crane, support arm, top corolla and other parts inside.

The following is a detailed description of these accessories:

  • The cockpit is equipped with safety bar, and these safety bars can ensure the safety of passengers to a large extent.Please note: the safety bar in the cockpit is manually operated by the staff.
  • The main function of crane is to connect the top and cockpit.
  • The function of support arm is to support the whole top structure.
  • The top corolla can be used to decorate the entire equipment to make it look beautiful. And it is also surrounded by many LED lights.
paratrooper fair ride
paratrooper fair ride

Cabins: 16
Diameter: 7.8m
Area: Φ10m
Power: 7.5kw
Running height: 1.9m
Voltage: 380/220v
Container: 40HQ*1 pc

paratrooper fairground ride
paratrooper fairground ride

Cabins: 24
Diameter: 8.5m
Area: Φ12m
Power: 8.5kw
Running height: 1.9m
Voltage: 380/220v
Container: 40HQ*1 pc

Advantages of Paratrooper Ride For Sale

1. There are 16 seats and 24 seats for customers to choose.Of course, these seats with different colors can be also customized based on the requirements of customers.

2. It can rotate 360 degrees, and the speed can be also adjustable.

3. With beautiful appearance, attractive design, so this ride attracts a lot of children and young people in the amusement park or playground.

4. This ride can automatically raise and fall, sliding quickly.

5. Low maintenance cost. This equipment is very easy to operate and maintain, so it can save a lot of cost for us.

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How Does A Paratrooper Amusement Ride Work?

In fact, it is not difficult to learn about how a paratrooper ride works. The operational principle of paratrooper amusement ride can be described briefly as follows:

After turning on the power, the driving motor starts to run, and the gear is connected to the hydraulic motor, so the hydraulic motor can drive the gear to rotate, then the turntable will complete the rotation of this ride.

High-quality paratrooper rides for sale In Kingtiger

As a popular family ride, on one hand, paratrooper ride is very popular with people of different age groups. On the other hand, these rides are suitable for these places, including carnivals,shopping malls, theme and amusement parks, and other fairground. Therefore, buying high-quality paratrooper amusement rides for your park is a good investment. However, it is also very important to look for the professional amusement park equipment manufactures online. As the leading supplier and manufacturer of amusement park equipment, Kingtiger has more than 20 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing of various amusement rides.

Kingtiger Paratrooper Amusement Ride
Kingtiger Paratrooper Amusement Ride

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