Mini Shuttle Ride

Mini shuttle ride is a new type of track-type amusement equipment traveling on the overpass orbit, which is mainly designed for kids. With modern logo, colorful lights, acoustics and children’s cartoons, the mini shuttle rides are loved by many children. When riding on the mini shuttle, children can experience the feeling of going through the mountains and traveling through space and time. As the professional kiddie rides manufacturer,  Kingtiger mini shuttle ride for sale can be also suitable for bothe indoor and outdoor playgrounds. What’s more, this ride has brought a lot of fun for children.

Mini Shuttle Ride For Sale
Mini Shuttle Ride For Sale

Introduction of mini shuttle ride:

For the mini shuttle ride, it is composed of 10 cars with beautiful shapes and different styles, and these these cars drive synchronously and shuttle along vertical track, which is very popular with children.

The main material of car is fiberglass, the number of car can be customized and each car is equipped with two safety belts. As the professional amusement rides manufacturer, Kingtiger mini shuttle rides are safe and environmentally friendly for children.

Working principle of mini shuttle ride:

The control box has a neutral line and a live line (through the transformer, output voltage becoming 36V), connected to the electric chute (mainly composed of double copper busbar), the chute through the mobile conductive device to send electricity to the motor. The motor transmits the kinetic energy to axle through rotating shaft, thus driving the cars to run.

Mini Shuttle Ride
Mini Shuttle Ride
Capacity: 20 people
Track length: 78m
Track width: 1.2 m
Equipment size: 16 * 9m
Running height: 1.9 m
Powder: 8kw
Area: 18 * 12 m
Speed: 1.8 m/s

Features of Kingtiger mini shuttle ride for sale:

1. The track of mini shuttle ride can be customized.

2. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor playground, such as theme park, amusement park and other playgrounds.

3. With innovative design, cartoons, it is quite attractive to children.

4. It is also equipped with various music and lights.

Where to buy high quality mini shuttle ride?

If you are planing to purchase the high quality mini shuttle rides from China, the most important thing is that you must find a reliable manufacturer. Kingtiger Group may be your ideal choice. As a leading domestic manufacturer, Kingtiger Group has more than 20 years of experience in the design and production of amusement park rides. Kingtiger Group mainly produces all kinds of middle & mini amusement rides, including kiddie rides, family rides, thrill rides and other theme park rides. Besides, Kingtiger Group also makes designing for amusement park indoor and outdoor, including instruction, investing and operation of amusement items.

mini shuttle ride manufacturer
mini shuttle ride manufacturer

Over the years, Kingtiger company adheres to the values of “Hiring first-class talents, Providing first-class service, Building first-class company “. With the principle of “Market as guidance, Innovating as drive, Quality as life, Service as support, Credit as basis, following domestic and international trends” Strictly according to the international quality, “Kingtiger” brand is confirmed by the customers in domestic and abroad. So far, there are many successful case from Kingtiger company, and these products has been exported to Korea, France, America, South Africa, Russia, Australia, Libya etc. And they all enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad.

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