Mini Pendulum Ride

Mini pendulum ride belongs to a kind of kiddie rides, and this small pendulum ride is mainly designed for children. As the visitors rotate with the pendulum ride, at the same time they swing 90 degrees along with the swing arm, which makes visitors feel thrilling and exciting, and they often can’t help screaming loudly. More importantly, it also greatly improves the joyous atmosphere of the playground. During the operation of pendulum ride, the visitors can experience 1~2 seconds weightlessness, just like astronauts in Space. As a kind of interesting amusement ride, Kingtiger mini pendulum rides for sale are becoming more and more popular in domestic and foreign markets.

Mini Pendulum Ride
Mini Pendulum Ride

Introduction of mini pendulum ride

The mini pendulum ride has a beautiful appearance, and the structure is very scientific. It mainly consists of crossgirder, 4 columns (column uses Q235B steel, each leg is decorated with fiberglass and LED lights.), 1 hanging arm, 6 cockpits,1 electric control cabinet, 1 motor with 3kw, 1 reducer and 1 air compressor (the total power of the motor + air compressor is 9.5KW).

The main part of cockpit uses the truss structure, the cockpit shell is fiberglass, the cockpit is equipped with the fiberglass seat, the safety bar, 1 safety belts as the second insurance, 100% ensure safety of tourists.The main drive of the cockpit adopts the motor to drive the rotary support to realize the 360 degree rotation. Each cabin is equipped with a foot pedal for passengers to place their feet, also convenient to go up and down.

Mini Pendulum For Children
Mini Pendulum For Children

capacity: 6 children
size: 4*4.5 m
height: 4.2 m
Area: 6.5*5.5m
Speed: 10r/min
Power: 9.5KW
Voltage: 380V

Working principle of small pendulum ride

  • The movement of mini pendulum is divided into two parts: one is the swing of the cockpit along with the hanging arm, the other is the 360 degree rotating by itself.
  • The swing of the cockpit is done by the pneumatic system. The air compressor passes the inhaled air through the air pipe to the cylinder, and the hanging arm is carried out by the expansion of the cylinder.
  • The 360°rotation of the cockpit is completed by the electric power system, after electrify, motor sports, turns the speed reducer, reducer gear movement, and hence with the rotation of the rotary support of speed reducer gear, finishing 360°rotating itself.

Features of mini pendulum ride for sale

1. There are six seats for the children to choose, and each seat is equipped with safety device.

2. Mini pendulum is also equipped with beautiful LED lights and music, which will attract a lot of children to play.

3. Mini pendulum doesn’t need to be equipped with a platform. Before installation, the ground should be hardened with 10-15 cm thickness cement, and fixed with expansion bolts.

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small pendulum ride for sale

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