Kingtiger Space Travel Ride In Uzbekistan

The Uzbekistan customer signed an agreement with Kingtiger company and purchased a set of space travel ride. In December 2017, various components of this amusement ride had been shipped to Uzbekistan. As shown below, our engineers were helping them with the installation.

Kingtiger Space Travel Ride
Kingtiger Space Travel Ride

But before installing this amusement equipment, the Uzbekistan customer needs to make his own foundation. In general, the required size is 10*10 meters. The original soil in the ground must be compacted, the concrete surface shall be smoothed, and the maximum plane error of the concrete shall be within 5 mm. The embedded wire tube is a PVC tube with a diameter of >= 60mm, with iron wire inside to prepare for threading. The position of the tube is determined according to the situation on the spot. And the pressure of foundation must be higher than 150 kpa.

Now Kingtiger space travel ride has started normal operations in Uzbekistan, and they also give us a good feedback.

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