Chair Swing Rides For Sale

The chair swing ride belongs to thrill rides, and this ride is very interesting and exciting. While riding on the flying chair, passengers can feel like flying in the sky without any fear. Besides, the chair swing ride is often called swing ride, flying chair ride, spinning chair ride, swing carousel ride, wave swinger ride, chair-o-planes,etc. Kingtiger chair swing rides for sale are suitable for both indoor and outdoor playground, such as amusement parks, theme parks, fairgrounds, carnivals, shopping malls and other large playgrounds. As an important amusement park ride,  the swing chair rides are very popular among young people and children.

Chair Swing Rides For Sale
Chair Swing Rides For Sale

Brief Introduction of chair swing rides

The chair swing ride refers to an amusement device that rotates or moves up and down around a fixed center column. This swing ride is mainly composed of one central supporting column, one roof and some chain chairs. The roof is made of glass-reinforced plastic. The unique thing about the swing chair is the rotation of the roof. When the roof starts to rotate, the chairs also swings, and this can be done by tilting or standing motion. In addition, the rotation can be completed clockwise and counterclockwise. Note: To ensure the safety of passengers, the chair swing ride is manually operated by trained professionals; However, the complete operation is based on the technology engine located at the bottom of the central support column.

As the professional amusement ride manufacturer, Kingtiger chair swing rides for sale can be divided into two categories, they are giant flying swing ride for adults and mini spinning swing ride for kids. Compared with mini spinning swing ride, the giant swing ride may be be more stimulating. But they are all very safe for the passengers.

Kingtiger Giant Flying Swing Ride For Adults

These giant chair swing rides  for sale are mainly designed for young people. In general, a big flying swing ride can accommodate 24 to 32 people. The swing rides for adults usually consists of a large top. The top part is decorated with colorful pictures and some famous cartoon characters. The chairs are connected with chains which are suspended by the top. Besides, the chairs with different colors are also equipped with safety belts, which ensure the passengers’ safety. When the equipment starts working, the top part tilts and the middle part lifts. At that moment, these movements will make passengers feel more exciting.

Flying Swing Ride With 24 Seats
Capacity: 24
Diameter: 8.2m
Height: 6 m
Speed: 1.9m/s
Powder: 11.5KW
Voltage: AC 380V, 50Hz

Flying Chair Ride
Flying Chair Ride With 32 seats
Capacity: 32
Diameter: 9m
Height: 5 m
Speed: 1.9m/s
Powder: 15KW
Voltage: AC 380V, 50Hz

Kingtiger Mini Spinning Swing Ride For Kids

With beautiful appearance and safe design, the mini spinning swing rides for sale are always loved by children. According to a variety of different shapes, this min swing ride includes fruit swing ride, star swing ride, etc. Compared with the big swing ride, the mini swing rides owns the special designs. Taking the fruit swing chair for an example, the design of top part looks like a big bowl, and it is also decorated with a variety of fruits that looks more beautiful and more attractive. The cockpits are designed into the shape of a watermelon,which looks very lovely and beautiful. And each seat is equipped with the safety device. The cockpits are attached to the top, and when the top rotates, the cockpits also rotate with it. In general, the mini swing chair ride can take up to 16 people and the color and cockpit can be also customized based on the requirements of customers.

Mini Spinning Swing Ride
Mini Spinning Swing Ride
Capacity: 16
Diameter: 5.5m
Height: 5 m
Speed: 1.6m/s
Powder: 3.5KW
Voltage: AC 380V, 50Hz

Features of chair swing rides for sale

  1. Chair swing rides with 12 seats, 16 seats, 24 seats, 32 seats.
  2. This swing ride can shaking or lifting when rotate;
  3. The cockpits with various shapes can be customized;
  4. The swing ride can be suitable for both children and adults;
  5. We provide professional design, production,installation and after-sales services for customers.

Where to Buy The Top-quality Flying Chair Ride?

If you want to purchase the cheap and top-quality chair swing rides from China, then Kingtiger company may be the best choice for you. On one hand, our company has more than 20 years of experience in the amusement industry,and also owns the excellent design team,advanced production workshop and strict quality inspection department. As a leading domestic manufacturer, these amusement park rides manufactured by Kingtiger company have successfully passed the CE and ISO certification, and they have been successfully exported to these countries, including Korea,Thailand, Nigeria, America, South Africa, France, Brazil, Libay and so on.

Kingtiger swing ride for sale
Kingtiger swing ride for sale

Besides, our company also provide the professional pre-sale service and after-sale service. For example, the pre-sale service team will provide professional product consulting services for customers; And the after-sales team provide the installation, training for customers, and respond immediately to the customers’ feedback. This is also the main reason why more and more customers want to buy amusemnet equipment from Kingtiger company.

According to the actual needs of the market, kingtiger company not only offers different types of amusement park swing rides for customers, but also customize the design, including the sizes, colour, cockpits, etc. Please do not hesitate to buy the chair swing rides from Kingtiger company. At the same time, welcome to visit our factory, and we are looking forward to working with you!

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