Break Dance Rides

The breakdance is a bit more exciting amusement ride, when sitting in the cabins, passengers can relax themselves along with high-speed rotating device, and this ride can make them spend a happy time. As a kind of popular amusement equipment, Kingtiger break dance rides for sale can be applied to these places, such as playgrounds, shopping malls, theme parks and amusement parks.

Break Dance Rides
Break Dance Rides

Introduction of break dance rides

The break dance rides mainly consist of hubs, pressure devices and cabins. In general, these hubs are connected to the central axis and the cabins. And the pressure device can be connected to the cabins. When the machine starts, the cabin will rely on the pressure device to rebound. The cabins can also rotate by themselves. Passengers can control the direction through the steering wheel.

For Kingtiger break dance ride, there are a total of twelve cabins. Among them, nine cabins are designed for adults and three cabins are designed for children. The nine cabins for adults can rotate and bounce, and these cabins are connected to pressure devices. In addition, for the children’s safety, the three cabins cannot bounce but can rotate. This breakdance amusement ride can accommodate 24 people and runs at three rounds per minute.

breakdance ride for sale
breakdance ride for sale
Capacity: 24persons
Diameter: 9.8m
Area: Φ 14m
Height: 5m
Speed: 3r/min
Power: 18.6KW

Structure analyze of break dance ride

1. The material of large plate is made of patterned board,and outer part of the plate is an endurance plate (PC sheet) with a thickness of 3 mm.

2. For the decorative pillar in the middle, the materials are fiberglass, and there are many lights on it. Inside of the decoration, there is one hydraulic pump and 4kw motor.

3. There are three support arms in the plate, and 3 cockpits in per support arm, each cabin has 2 safety belts and 1 safety bar; In addition, there are 3 separated cockpits in the plate with two safety belts, so the total is 12 cockpits.

4. There are 18 tyres at the bottom of the plate with two rows of tracks, six tyres in the inner track, 12 tires and two 4kw motors in the outer track.

Advantages of breakdance ride for sale

1. These cabins adopt high-quality glass fiber reinforced plastic, which have many characteristics of durability, environmental protection, corrosion resistance and so on. Due to the FRP material, the exterior of cabins looks bright and colorful.

2. The ride is equipped with good music, which makes it become attractive. When the device starts, passengers can relax themselves by listening to music.

3. Both the central axis and cabins are surrounded by many bright lights, so this ride also attracts many people at night.

4. This kind of amusement park facility has low cost, and it also needn’t take too much space, so we can often see them in these places, such as playgrounds, shopping malls, and parks.

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Working operational of break dance ride

  • When the equipment starts, the motor will drive the bottom tire of the large plate to rotate, which also drives the large plate to rotate 360°.
  • Then, with the effect of hydraulic pump, the support arm rises;
  • At the same time, Under the driving of the motor, the cockpit on the support arm rotates 360° under centripetal force and self-gravity; Each cockpit on the support arm also rotates under centripetal force and gravity.
breakdance for sale
breakdance for sale

Choosing the reliable break dance rides manufacturer

As an interesting amusement ride, breakdance rides are very popular among children and adults. And its market is also becoming better and better. Therefore, investing in this break dance fair ride is a good idea. But it is very important for you to find the reliable manufacturers. As the professional supplier and manufacturer of amusement park facilities, Kingtiger company has more than 20 years of experience in in the amusement industry. And the main products include family rides, kids rides, thrill rides and other new types of amusement equipment. Besides, our company can also design different amusement parks for customers. So far, our product quality and service have been recognized by many customers, which also enjoy a good reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.More importantly, we have established long-term relationships with many customers from different countries.

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