Sumi Hotel Simpang Lima Semarang constitute options in point for You what do look for to accommodate by facility satisfy and price economize. This accomodation lie at Jl. Elephant Feebleminded No.129, Semarang, Intermediate java. Achmad Yani’s International airport can be sailed through by 15 minute gets ride. Sumi is Hotel Deviates Five semarang lie not not nearly umpteen shopping centres as Ciputra’s Mall semarangs and DP Is semarang Malls. This accomodation close to umpteen wisata’s attraction as Pandanaran’s Garden and Klenteng Tay Kak Sie.

Sumi is Hotel Simpang Lima Semarang provide Wi Fi accessible at public area. Besides, area park without been provided has beforehand reservation. There is too cafĂ©, restaurant, meet room, and free room smokes. Receptionist and security 24 hours at one’s service requirement lodge You, including service brankas and penitipan is luggage. Sumi is Hotel Deviates Five semarang provide to service dry-washings and laundry with incremental cost.

Accomodation that is built on year 2014 it provides 79 room that secure you overnight convenience with facility those are on the market. Each AC’s facility supply chamber, TV is display levels off, and table. Its person bathroom proveded with by bath equipment as toilet soap, shampoo, toothbrush, dentifrice, and towel. Around Sumi Hotel Deviates Five semarangs, you can travel to go to many wisata’s destinations pulls as Water Park Water Crossbreeds and Lawang Sewu.