Octopus Ride For Sale

The rotary octopus ride is one kind of thrilling family rides, which is very favoured by both children and adults(children need to be accompanied by adults). This ride looks like a octopus, and sharps like dragon more or less. This equipment is ready to go at any time. People can experience of swing like a fish, flying like a dragon. And the speed can be adjusted. As a popular amusement rides, Kingtiger octopus ride for sale can be placed in theme parks, squares, shopping malls, playgrounds,etc.

Octopus Ride For Sale
Octopus Ride For Sale

Introduction of octopus ride

Kingtiger octopus amusement ride for sale consists of 5~8 arms, each arm with 3 cabins, and each cabin can hold 2 persons. Through electric power system and hydraulic system, the 5~8 arms can revolve around the center axis and support arm motor makes the cabins 360 degree rotate. The octopus fairground ride can also make the cabins up and down, which brings a pleasant experience for passengers.

The top part design is a octopus which can be used for decorating the octopus rides. What’s more, the main material of octopus shape is made by fiberglass, and it can be used for decoration. The design of the arm sleeve is the shape of a dragon, and the material of dragon shape is also made by fiberglass. Now, there are more related pictures and parameters about rotary octopus rides as follows:

Kingtiger rotary octopus ride

Capacity: 30 persons
Area size: Φ 12 meters
Height: 4.5 meters
Powder: 21 KW
Weight: 5.5 Ton
Voltage: AC 380 V, 50 Hz
Speed: 1.8 m/s

How does an octopus ride work?

The working principle of an octopus ride can be described as follows: when the host is orbiting, and at the same time the three cabins on each big arm rotate independently. The big arm is controlled by hydraulic pressure. The following is a detailed description of the operation cycle of octopus fair ride:

1. Electric power connect, two drive motors start to run.The power is transmitted to the main frame parts and make it rotation. Then the support arms revolve around the main frame parts.

2. The hydraulic motor drives oil pump, which makes the hydraulic oil input (out) the hydraulic cylinder, and changes the pressure of hydraulic cylinder. The pressure push (stretch) hydraulic rod to change position of support arms.

3. During the operating, the drive motor starts to run. The reducer and slewing bearing is connected by gear. It makes the cabins 360 degree rotate.

Features of Kingtiger octopus ride for sale

  • The main material of octopus funfair ride is steel, and the decoration and cabins are made of fiberglass.
  • The equipment with low failure rate and long service life.
  • The equipment is very meticulous in workmanship, safe and reliable, and is well received by customers.
  • All the fiberglass products adopts automotive dust-free paint, the paint surface is smooth and delicate, the color is bright and does not fade;
  • Both the color and LED lights can be also customized for customers.

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With innovative design, safety design and beautiful colors, Kingtiger octopus ride for sale not only attracts a lot of passengers, but also has become more and more popular in the domestic and foreign markets. If you are looking for a professional octopus rides manufacturer, then Kingtiger company is your best choice. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of amusement park equipment in China, Kingtiger company provides different types of octopus rides for customer. With high quality, low cost and competitive prices, Kingtiger octopus ride for sale has been exported to many countries, such as America, Korea, France, South Africa, etc, and enjoy a good reputation at home and abroad.

octopus ride manufacturer
octopus ride manufacturer

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