MG Suites semarang Hotel constitute star property 4 one gets addresses at Clears A Root Petempen No.294 Elephant Feebleminded, Intermediate semarang, Semarang, Intermediate java. This property is so easy to be accessed since is at strategic location. MG Suites is semarang Hotel just spaced 0,95 km from Poncol’s Stations. Closest airport is Achmad Yani’s International Airport that spaced 5,2 km from properties. Town Square’s semarang just spaced 0,11 km and Paragon City Is semarang Mall just spaced 0,52 km.

Receptionist and friendly and amicable security will help to meet the need lodges You 24 hours. There is too operating room service 24 hours. MG Suites Semarang Hotel also offer brankas’s facility, elevator, AC, family room, restaurant, area parks that extensive and Wi Fi what do can be accessed at public area. Besides swimming pool for adult, property also provide special swimming pool for children and also area plays child. You can fill spare time time by travel at garden area or get sport at center fitness. If You come for need to carry on business, MG Suites Semarang Hotel provide appointment room proveded with by meeting and projector outfit with incremental cost.

Booking MG Suites semarang Hotel to get room facility as TV cable, table, and person bathroom that proveded with by shower. Enjoy also special eating sort and alimentary demulcent at available restaurant at property area.